Creating the largest Techcampus... in Europe is not a one man job!

Beehive Techcampus 4.2

Hackers with a dream

We are Beehive Techcampus 4.2 and we have a dream. A dream about a breeding ground where people work on technical innovation and initiatives with a ICT-focus. A place where students can work on projects, have internships or graduate under the wings of academics. A place where startups can flourish in inspiring surroundings and receive support from a eager to learn community of of ethical hackers. A place that puts Arnhem on the map as hitech and innovative city.

That place? The former dome prison in Arnhem. A place where people used to be imprisoned becomes a place where ideas are liberated for the world.

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From panopticon to hackerspace

Beehive Techcampus 4.2 has the potential to become the biggest permanent hackerspace in Europe. A hackerspace (according to wikipedia) is a community driven, often non-profit, work space where people with a common interest (often ICT-focused) meet and collaborate. Hack42, driving force and one of the initiators of Beehive Techcampus 4.2, already has their own hackerspace in Arnhem. Together we have a dream to upscale to a global hackerspace in which the hacking community can team up with ICT and tech-companies to spawn innovations.

work, sleep, innovate

The possibilities are endless

The 'koepelcampus' will be all about facilitating; Facilitating innovation and those who bring it. Already people from all corners of the world are showing interest to stay at the koepelcampus for short or longer periods of time. The possibilities for Beehive Techcampus 4.2 are endless.



Ofcourse the 'Koepelcampus' offers space to work. No matter if you're selfemployed or with a multinational company. Of you need your own office or want to innovate and brainstorm with others in the hackerspace.



Beehive Techcampus 4.2 stand for innovating together. This goes beyond just your colleagues. We want to stimulate and facilitate interaction within the koepelcampus.



What's more obvious than housing a datacenter in a building that's inherently secure like a prison. Besides that a datacenter offers opportunities for the usage of residual heat to improve the sustainability of the 'Koepelcampus'.



The 'Koepelcampus' is more than a nationwide initiative. The idea is supported on a global scale and people from all over the world are showing interest to stay at this breeding ground for a short or longer period of time. This is both stimulated and facilitated by Beehive Techcampus 4.2.



Eat, sleep, work, repeat. That's why we want to offer everyone who stays at the Koepelcampus the option to eat and drink within the prison walls.


Sharing knowledge

We want to create spaces to teach and learn, have conventions and seminars or otherwise share knowledge. Because innovation is not a one man job.

Where do I sign?

It's already possible to rent a space in the future Beehive Techcampus 4.2. By providing us with the space of your interest you can secure your space in the 'Koepelcampus'.

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